Jeanette Shell Book Scholarship Fund, Inc

Mrs. Jeanette ShellMrs. Jeanette Shell, a long time resident of the Vauxhall community, began her career at the Vauxhall branch of the Township of Union Public Library in 1949. Through the years, Mrs. Shell used her intelligence, coupled with commitment and study, to acquire the professional skills needed to perform various duties. This resulted in a steady stream of promotions beginning with the move from Junior Library Assistant to Senior Library Assistant in 1957.

Later, Mrs. Shell worked in the Reference Department, and in the 1960s was promoted to scheduling all employees within the Township’s library system. Whenever serving in these various capacities, Mrs. Shell always extended the utmost kindness and courtesies.

Admired by many in her community, she serves as a wonderful role model to anyone aspiring to accomplish great things in life.